About Us Aankaanotamage’win


Aankaanotamage’win is an important part of Asubpeeschoseewagong self-governance. It is focused on creating our own laws and practices to care for our community’s families and children.

We provide support and advocacy to First Nations families in all ways. We help to create positive change using Indigenous knowledge, laws, traditions and beliefs. Our holistic support is guided by wisdom from Elders and input from family members.

Our 15 staff members include child and family advocates, cultural helpers, program managers, family finders and administrative staff. We are Band employees and report to Chief and Council. We receive guidance and instruction from Asubpeeschoseewagong Elders.

Our Staff

Maria Swain

Program Manager

Harvey Pahpasay

Cultural Coordinator

Jocelyn Pelly

Executive Secretary

Selena Pelly


Erica Paul

Intake/Data Entry Clerk

Sherry Ackabee

Child and Family Advocate

Rodney Bruce

Child and Family Advocate

Roxanne Fobister

Child and Family Advocate

Adrian Keejick

Child and Family Advocate

Emma Loon

Child and Family Advocate

Arnold Pahpasay

Child and Family Advocate

Elaine Pahpasay

Family Support Worker

Bear Copenace

Family Support Worker/Aide

Carole Pelly

Genealogist Family Finder

Crystal Swain

Family Programmer

Lillian Swain

Legal Clerk

April Fobister

Casual Worker


The Asubpeeschoseewagong Aankaanotamage’win mandate comes from the community, our Elders, and Chief and Council.

Our role as Band Reps is set out in provincial and federal child welfare law, and we go above and beyond those directives to do what is needed for our families.

We are the largest Band Rep program in Treaty 3 and one of the largest across Canada.


Aankaanotamage’win is one part of creating our own laws and practices in caring for our children and our families.
As we make these first steps in self-governance, we have consulted with our community to create a clear path forward and our Elders for their guidance.
We have worked with KFS and the Band to create an Advisory Committee, and look forward to developing our own laws.

Background & History

January 2018
August 2019
March 2020

January 2018

Funding for Band Rep ordered by Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

August 2019

Grassy Narrows Band Rep Program launches

March 2020

Child Welfare Pandemic Team launches

Who We Work With

We offer care and support to all members of the Asubpeeschoseewagong Grassy Narrows community: children, youth, young adults, parents, grandparents, caregivers and Elders. Our clients live on and off-reserve.

Much of our effort is focused on families involved at any stage with child welfare, and those at risk, and those that are reunifying.

We collaborate with organizations that are also doing their best for our children. We work with other child and family service providers across Ontario and Manitoba, and cooperate with other social services in our community, such as the school, the Crisis Centre, Ontario Works, and more.

We work closely with KFS, but we do not have a mandate for protection. That means we cannot do child protection investigations, remove children from their homes, or place children outside of their homes.